Serengeti National Park: The leading National Park in 2020

Established in 1951, Serengeti National Park located in Tanzania, popularly known for its annual migration of two million wildebeests plus hundreds of thousands of gazelles and zebras – followed by their predators in their annual migration in search of pasture and water – is one of the most impressive nature spectacles in the world attracting millions of visitors worldwide.

The park is also known for its richness in biological diversity with at least four globally threatened or endangered animal species: black rhinoceros, elephant, wild dog, and cheetah.

Serengeti National Park

Thomson’s Gazelles Grazing in Serengeti National Park

These and other reasons could be the reason why the World Travel Awards on 9th November 2020, awarded Serengeti Park as the leading National Park In Africa for the second consecutive year. Serengeti contested with other National Parks in Africa namely Central Kalahari Game Reserve (Botswana), Etosha National Park (Namibia), Kidepo Valley National Park (Uganda), Kruger National Park (South Africa) and Masai Mara National Reserve of Kenya

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