BigSEE Awards 2021

About BigSEE Awards

The BigSEE awards aim to systematically explore the creative and business potential of the Southeast European region and to recognise and expose its excellence in architecture, interior, product and fashion design, wood, and creative tourism. The awarded projects shall provide an in-depth insight into the current situation in the areas of creativity and business in the region.

BigSEE cover regions

The awards shall include the following countries from the Southeast European region: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, The Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Kosovo, North Macedonia, The Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia and Turkey.

Award Categories


Wood Design

Houses, City and community, Interior and furniture and Small wooden products


Tourism Design

Creative story and identity as experience, Architecture and design as experience



Architecture and Design


Fashion Design

The IT factor of a country, Wearable art / Timeless, Step forward



Residential architecture, Public and commercial architecture, Landscape and urban space


Interior Design

Retail, Hospitality, Workplace, Civic, Residential, Installation


Product Design

Home, Personal, Leisure, Work, Mobility and Urban

Why to apply for BigSEE Awards?

BigSEE Awards contributes to the promotion of unique and original creative achievements from the region South-East European.
By winning an award the recipients have many possibilities to achieve international recognition of their work.

The BigSEE Award Winners’ Benefits

  • Exclusive use of the BigSEE Award logo
  • Presentation of the project on the Winners 180˚ stage
  • Presentation of the project in online exhibition
  • Exhibition in the City of Design national pavilions
  • Presentation of the project in the BigSEE Report
  • Video interviews – the “BigSEE Talks” intended for online promotion
  • Promotion and networking at the BigSEE festivals
  • Visibility by means of PR and other media campaigns delivering a strong commercial result

Award time table


OCT 12 – NOV 12, 2021

Big architecture

May 20 - 21, 2021

Wood Icon

OCT 15, 2021

Creative Tourism

OCT 21, 2021

Design in the City

OCT 12- NOV 12,, 2021

Apply for BigSEE Awards

You can apply for the awards by filling in the registration forms for each category in the link here, you can also find more details about registration fee: Apply here 
The projects and products can be entered by architects, designers, manufacturers, investors from anywhere in the world, as long as the project or product production is related to the region of South-East Europe.

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