About Globe Soup

Globe Soup is an online space for creativity inspired by the world around us. It’s not just a travel site, also run international competitions open to anyone. Globe Soup conducts various competition to shine a spotlight on undiscovered talent and showcase the work of the best unsung writers, photographers and artists from around the world.

Globe Soup hosts four main writing competitions each year; Travel Writing, Short Story, Poetry and Flash Fiction.

Also, run an annual Travel Photography Competition.

Competitions are a great way to hone your skills, practice working to a deadline, gain exposure and of course, all our competitions offer cash prizes.


About the competition

The organisers are looking for the best piece of NON-FICTION travel writing of 2,000 words or fewer. Your entry can be in the form of an article, opinion piece, destination guide, literary non-fiction, memoir, or any other form of non-fiction travel writing.

Prize: £1,000
Word Limit: 2,000
Entry Fee: £5 for Early Entry, £8 for General Entry
Closes: 23:59 (GMT) 13th April 2021
Winner Announced: 13th July 2021

How to participate in the competition

  1. First, read the competition rules carefully.

  2. Next, buy a ticketWe use Paypal/Stripe to sell our tickets, so you can feel secure when making your purchase.

  3. Now you will receive an email with the submission instructions and your invitation to The Globe Soup Writing Members-Only Group.

  4. You have until the closing time to submit. Good luck!

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