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Safari Zoom is an online platform created to provide high quality and engaging digital tourism contents. Our key audiences are; Tour guides, Tourists, Tour companies, Travel Agency, Students studying or intend to study tourism in courses and general public interested in safari or adventure.

Our contents are tailored to help stakeholders in tourism industry be informed of the unique destinations available, Travel Guides & Tips, News, Events, Impact tourism and Technology in Tourism.

Edward Sandet

Edward Sandet is an expert in Tourism, Conservation, IT and Research Consultant with over 10 years’ experience.

He started Safari Zoom website to share his experience and skills about safari and tourism in general to the stakeholders in tourism industry. He’s available for Consultant work in Tourism and Travel Training, Research and Software Development, can be reached at info@safarizoom.co.tz

 “Take only Memories, Leave only Footprints-Chief Seattle“