Safari and Outdoor Outfits


Having the right pair of shoes is highly recommended while on safari, during your safari holiday as part of the itinerary you might have to trek on the nearby mountain or having an evening walking safari in the game or national park.

Walking safari or trekking require comfortable and light shoes in order not only to enjoy but also to avoid any harm to the body. In the bush there are snakes, harmful insects, plants and thorns, there it’s better to choose the ideal shoes.

Other features of Ideal Safari/Outdoor shoes;

  • Should be waterproof and easy to dry after washing.
  •  Should have breathable fabrics to let moisture out quickly and efficiently. This technology means that perspiration can escape, avoiding dampness in the fabric. This makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor activities or travels in warmer climates.
  • Having a rubber or similar sole, also the sole should have the tire bottom material made in such a way to effectively reduce vibration and make walking more stable.
  •  Should have a cushioning property to reduce the shock to protect the toe and ankle.