Travelpayouts Affiliate Network
Travelpayout affiliate network

Travelpayouts is a pay-per-action travel affiliate network that includes travel brand affiliate programs. Just like other Affiliate programs, with Travelpayouts you can make money online by promoting various travel services; Such as accommodation (hotels, sanatoriums, apartment rentals)
buses and transfers, car, bike and bicycle rental, cruises, flights, package tours, tours & activities, train tickets and travel insurance.

Anyone who wants to earn money on the internet through flight and hotel revenues can join this program, you don’t need to have a website to join this program, even though it can be beneficial, others who are liable to join are Travel bloggers, SEO experts and Travel agencies.

The amount of revenue is different for each program, the commission can be up to 70% of the earnings generated by the traffic. The affiliates can earn about 1.1–1.5% from flights booking and 4-5% from hotels booking.

For most of the travel brands in this affiliate network, the cookie lifetime is 30 days, this means, any purchases the user makes during the 30 days after the date of the transition to your affiliate link will be counted to you. Even when the user goes to our website directly from a search engine or bookmarks, all purchases will still be credited to the partner. After 30 days, the user is detached from the partner. However, when he/she again clicks on the affiliate link, the user is again assigned to the partner for the next 30 days.

Travelpayouts affiliate tools are available in many different languages. The tools include: Search forms, Text links, Banners, Plugin for WordPress CMS, White label and API. According to the program, they recommend the use of search forms for the new users, as they are the easiest and most effective. The program is available in English and Russian.

The program currently accepts the following payment methods; Bank transfer to foreign currency account (USD, EUR), Paypal and WebMoney (WMZ)

To participate in the program follows the followings steps;

  1. Join the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network  Here (your account will be approved instantly)
  2. Choose affiliate tools (search forms, text links, banners, white label). Place tools on your website to encourage visitors to book travel services.
  3. Visitors search and book travel services via the Travelpayouts tools on your website or network.
  4. Track your earnings in affiliate reports. All reports are updated in real-time. However, depending on the supplier that has made the booking, your reports might be delayed by up to one hour.
  5. You are getting revenue for each booking.





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