Discover the Amazing Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Opportunities in Rwanda
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Discover the Amazing Travel, Tourism


Rwanda, known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills,” has been steadily growing its tourism sector in recent years. The government has placed significant emphasis on the development of this industry, making it an attractive destination for investment.

Rwanda’s tourism sector is one of the fastest growing in the world and offers a variety of unique experiences and investment opportunities.

It is the largest source of foreign exchange earnings in Rwanda, and it is projected to grow at a rate of 25% every year from 2013-18.The sector is the biggest contributor to the national export strategy. Total revenues generated from the sector in 2014 alone was UsD305 Million.

Why invest in Rwanda?

  1. Diverse Attractions: Rwanda is home to diverse attractions including wildlife safaris, gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park, bird watching, and cultural tourism.
  2. Growing Tourism Sector: Rwanda’s tourism sector has been growing steadily over the years. The country has made significant strides in promoting its tourism offerings on the international stage.
  3. Safety and Stability: Rwanda is considered one of the safest countries in Africa, which is a significant factor for tourists.
  4. Ease of Doing Business: Rwanda has made significant strides in easing the process of starting and doing business, which is a plus for investors.
  5. Sustainable Tourism: Rwanda has positioned itself as a destination for sustainable tourism. The country has implemented several initiatives to protect its natural resources and promote community-based tourism.
  6. Conference Tourism: Kigali, the capital city, is emerging as a top destination for international conferences and events.
  7. Government Support: The government of Rwanda has been supportive of the tourism sector, providing incentives for investors and prioritizing tourism as a key economic driver.
  8. Growing MICE Industry: Rwanda, particularly its capital Kigali, is emerging as a leading destination for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE), offering numerous opportunities for investment.

Investment opportunities

Here are some promising investment opportunities in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector in Rwanda:

1. Hospitality Industry:

• Hotels and Resorts: Invest in the construction and management of hotels and resorts catering to different budgets, including luxury, mid-range, and budget accommodations.

Rising Business Travel: Rwanda is positioning itself as a regional hub for conferences and business events. Investment in hotels can cater to the needs of business travelers attending conferences and meetings.

• Eco-Lodges: Develop eco-friendly lodges in Rwanda's national parks and wildlife reserves to cater to nature-loving tourists.

Sustainable Tourism: Rwanda is investing in ecotourism and conservation, making it ideal for the development of eco-lodges. Eco-lodges offer a refreshing and responsible alternative to conventional tourism.

Economic Impact: According to World Bank, Nature-based tourism, which includes eco-lodges, generates 80% of Rwanda’s tourist revenue. For every $1 million that Nature-Based Tourism activities inject into the Rwandan economy, 1,328 new jobs are created.

2. Tourism Infrastructure:

• Transportation Services: Invest in airlines, car rental services, and tour buses to facilitate the movement of tourists within the country.

Providing transportation services tailored to tourists, such as airport transfers and guided tours, can cater to the needs of travelers and enhance their overall experience

3. Adventure and Wildlife Tourism:

• Safaris: Offer guided wildlife safaris to explore Rwanda's national parks, which are home to gorillas, golden monkeys, and various other species.

Unique Wildlife: Rwanda is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including the critically endangered mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, and the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhinoceros). These unique and rare species are a major draw for safari enthusiasts.

Birdwatching: The country's rich birdlife, with over 700 bird species, attracts birdwatchers and ornithologists from from around the world.

• Adventure Activities: Develop adventure tourism offerings such as hiking, mountain biking, and water sports in Rwanda's diverse landscapes.

Diverse Landscape: Rwanda boasts a diverse landscape, including mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers, making it an ideal location for a wide range of adventure activities.

Eco-Tourism Opportunities: Rwanda is committed to eco-friendly and sustainable tourism practices. Investing in adventure activities that align with these principles can contribute to responsible tourism and environmental conservation.

• Gorilla Trekking: Support gorilla trekking experiences and conservation efforts in Volcanoes National Park.

Unique Selling Point: Rwanda is one of the few places in the world where you can embark on a gorilla trekking adventure, offering a unique and rare experience that attracts tourists from around the globe. The mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park are a critically endangered species, making the experience even more special.

High Demand: Gorilla trekking is a bucket-list experience for many travelers, and there is a high demand for permits to see these magnificent creatures up close. Limited permits are issued daily, creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency among tourists.

Conservation Efforts: By investing in gorilla trekking, you are contributing to the conservation of the critically endangered mountain gorilla species. The revenue generated from permits and tourism activities goes towards protecting their habitat and ensuring their survival.

4. Cultural and Heritage Tourism:

• Cultural Experiences: : Invest in cultural tourism initiatives, including cultural centers and traditional dance performances.

Cultural Tourism: Cultural experiences are a significant component of tourism in Rwanda. Visitors often seek opportunities to learn about local cultures, traditions, music, dance, and cuisine, making cultural tourism a lucrative market.

Cultural Festivals: Supporting or organizing cultural festivals and events can attract visitors and stimulate economic activity in the region.

Culinary Tourism:Promoting traditional Rwandan cuisine through cooking classes, food tours, and dining experiences can be a unique cultural offering for tourists.

Art and Crafts: Supporting local artisans and craftsmen in producing traditional art, pottery, textiles, and jewelry can contribute to the growth of the arts and crafts industry.

• Museum Development: Create museums and exhibits highlighting Rwanda's rich history and heritage.

Cultural Preservation: Museums play a crucial role in preserving and showcasing the rich and diverse culture and history of Rwanda.

Tourism Attraction:Well-curated and engaging museums are tourist attractions. They draw both domestic and international visitors, contributing to the growth of the tourism sector.

5. Conference and MICE Tourism:

• Conference Centers: : Invest in conference facilities to cater to meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE) tourism.

6. Restaurants and Culinary Tourism:

• Restaurants: Establish restaurants and eateries offering Rwandan cuisine and international dishes.

Quality Dining: There is a growing demand for high-quality dining experiences, including fine dining and gourmet cuisine. Investors can cater to this upscale market.

Coffee Culture: Rwanda is known for its coffee production. Coffee shops and cafes can tap into the growing coffee culture, serving locally grown coffee and pastries.

Craft Beer and Spirits: The craft beer and spirits industry is gaining popularity in Rwanda. Restaurants can offer a selection of locally produced craft beverages.

7. Wellness Tourism:

• Spas and Wellness Retreats: Develop wellness and spa centers to cater to tourists seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

Environmental Consciousness: Investing in eco-friendly and sustainable wellness practices resonates with environmentally conscious travelers and aligns with Rwanda's commitment to responsible tourism.

Holistic Health: Wellness retreats can offer a range of services, including yoga, meditation, spa treatments, and healthy cuisine, promoting holistic health and well-being.

Mental Health Awareness: The importance of mental health and stress reduction is gaining recognition globally. Wellness retreats can provide stress relief and relaxation programs.

Global Trends: Investing in wellness aligns with global wellness trends and attracts travelers seeking to maintain or improve their physical and mental health.

Promotion of Sustainable Practices: Wellness retreats can promote sustainability by using organic products, reducing waste, and conserving energy and water resources.

8. Tour Operators and Travel Agencies:

• Tour Packages: Create and promote comprehensive tour packages that include transportation, accommodation, and guided tours.

Rwanda is positioning itself as a regional hub for conferences and business events. Tour operators can offer services for business travelers attending conferences and meetings.

• Travel Agencies: Start travel agencies specializing in Rwandan tourism.

9. Community-Based Tourism:

• Community Initiatives: Partner with local communities to develop community-based tourism projects that empower local residents.

Community-based activities and experiences can encourage tourists to stay longer in the area, benefiting local businesses and accommodations.

10. Digital and Online Tourism Services:

• Online Booking Platforms: Develop online booking platforms and mobile apps for tourists to book accommodations, tours, and activities.

Before investing in Rwanda’s tourism sector, conduct thorough market research, assess the regulatory environment, and consider sustainable and responsible tourism practices. Rwanda’s commitment to environmental conservation and community development makes it a promising destination for ethical and eco-friendly tourism investments.

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