The Agoda Affiliate Program

The Agoda Affiliate Program


The Agoda Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions by referring others to use the Agoda website and app to book hotels and flights. It’s a part of Agoda, which is an online platform for travel bookings established in 2005.

This article aims to provide an introduction to the program, outlining the benefits of joining, the commission structure, cookie duration, payment methods, and how to sign up.

Joining the Agoda Affiliate Program offers a range of benefits for website owners. By promoting Agoda’s extensive range of accommodation options, affiliates can earn commission on bookings made through their referral links. With over 2 million properties available worldwide, affiliates can tap into a vast market of potential customers.

Why Join

Joining the Agoda Affiliate Program gives you access to competitive rates and availability, quality content for travel supply worldwide, robust and scalable technology, and enterprise-class support and integration services.

With access to 925,000+ properties worldwide, the Agoda Affiliate Program is the leading hotel affiliate program worldwide. Their program combines best-in-class tools, best prices and a proven ability to convert traffic with high commission on hotel bookings.

All features of their affiliate program, from their multicurrency and multi-language support to their tools, are designed to give you great tools to convert and monetize your traffic.


The commission model of the Agoda Affiliate Program is progressive and offers up to 7% commission on revenue.

Cookies Duration

Agoda’s affiliate program does not offer a long affiliate cookie duration. The current affiliate cookie ends with the end of the referral’s session to Agoda’s website or app.

Payment Method

The only payment method from the Agoda affiliate program is direct deposit to your bank. You will be paid the month following the guest’s departure from the hotel. For example, if a guest stays March 28-April 4, you would be paid in May. Commission payments are calculated on the first day of each month, with payments made by the 15th of the month with the minimum commission payment being US$200. If the amount of commission due is less than US$200 the balance will be carried forward until the minimum payout level is reached.

How to Join

To join the Agoda Affiliate Program, you need to:

  1. Go to the Agoda Affiliate Program Sign up Page and complete the registration form.
  2. Make sure you have read and accepted the Agoda Affiliate Agreement before submitting your registration.
  3. Wait for your application to be reviewed before access to the Affiliate Center is granted.
  4. Add your referral link to relevant content.
  5. You must have a website before you sign up as an Agoda Market Affiliate Partner.
  6. There are many FREE friendly sites out there that could help you build your websites in just a few minutes.
  7. Exceptions to this rule can be made in the case of travel agents, but additional documentation would be required.
  8. Redirecting a URL that has no website is strictly prohibited.


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