TourHQ Affiliate Program
TourHQ Affiliate Marketing

TourHQ Affiliate Program

TourHQ is a global platform that connects travelers with local guides from over 200 countries. The TourHQ Affiliate Program is a partnership initiative that allows individuals and businesses to promote TourHQ’s products and services on their platforms in exchange for a commission.

Why Join TourHQ Affiliate Program
Joining the TourHQ Affiliate Program offers several benefits. Firstly, you can earn a 5% commission on every booking. Secondly, TourHQ is a globally recognized brand, which makes it easier to promote. Lastly, the program has about 30K strong guiding community that can help your readers choose from unique local experiences in 5000 top-rated destinations across the world.

Who Can Join
The TourHQ Affiliate Program is open to anyone with a travel blog or website. It suits all audiences, from budget tourists to business travelers.

The commission rate for the TourHQ Affiliate Program is 5% of the sale value. This means that if a visitor books a tour through your affiliate link, you will earn 5% of the booking value.

Cookies Duration
The cookie duration is not mentioned in the sources, but it’s typically 30 days in most affiliate programs. This means that if a visitor clicks on an affiliate link and then books a tour within 30 days, the affiliate will still earn a commission.

Payment Method
The TourHQ Affiliate Program, which is administered by ShareASale, it offers payment methods that are supported by ShareASale. These include Check, Direct Deposit, Wire transfer and Payoneer.

How to Join
To sign up for the TourHQ Affiliate Program, you must create an account with ShareASale. Once you have created an account, you can apply for the TourHQ program. TourHQ will review your application and approve you if you meet their requirements.

The TourHQ Affiliate Program presents an exciting opportunity for individuals looking to monetize their travel-related content and audience. With its generous commission structure and reputable brand, TourHQ offers a platform for affiliates to earn substantial income by promoting its travel comparison services. While the approval process may be selective, the potential rewards make it a compelling choice for those interested in affiliate marketing within the travel and hospitality industry.

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