Go City Affiliate Program
Go City Affiliate Program

Go City Affiliate Program


The Go City Affiliate Program opens up a world of exciting opportunities for affiliates. As a partner, you can promote Go City’s multi-attraction passes, granting travelers access to top attractions in 30 global destinations, including iconic cities like London, New York, and Las Vegas.

Why Join Go City Affiliate Program

Here are some compelling reasons to become a Go City affiliate:

  1. Competitive Commission Rates: Go City offers attractive commission rates, ensuring that your efforts are well rewarded.
  2. Long Cookie Duration: With a 90-day cookie window, you continue earning even after the initial click.
  3. Multiple Cities and Flexible Pass Offers: Go City’s passes cover a wide range of interests, catering to history buffs, foodies, thrill-seekers, and sports enthusiasts.
  4. High Average Order Value: The average order value for Go City passes exceeds $350, providing substantial earning potential.
  5. Opportunity to Test Passes: Affiliates can test Go City passes, gaining firsthand experience to better promote them.
  6. Dedicated Support: A content and creative team assists affiliates, ensuring effective marketing strategies. Additionally, a customer experience team is available for any queries.

Who Can Join

The Go City Affiliate Program welcomes various types of partners:

Social Media Influencers: If you have a minimum following of 20,000 across your accounts, you’re eligible to join.


Go City’s commission structure ensures that affiliates are fairly compensated. The exact rates may vary, but they are competitive within the industry.

Cookies Duration

The 90-day cookie duration allows you to earn commissions on bookings made within this window. Even if users return later to make a purchase, you’ll still receive credit.

Payment Method

While specific payment methods aren’t explicitly mentioned, most affiliate programs offer options like direct bank transfers, PayPal, or checks. It’s advisable to confirm the payment methods during the sign-up process.

How to Join

Joining the Go City Affiliate Program is straightforward: You can join either through Go City website or Travelpayout affiliate network.


The Go City Affiliate Program combines exciting travel experiences with lucrative earning potential. Whether you’re a seasoned influencer or a passionate blogger, this program invites you to explore the world of attractions while boosting your income. Join today and unlock the gateway to unforgettable adventures.

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