Momondo UK Affiliate Program
Momondo UK Affiliate Program

Momondo UK Affiliate Program
In the bustling world of online travel, finding the best flight deals can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s where Momondo comes in. As a rapidly growing travel platform, Momondo specializes in helping users discover affordable flights, hotels, and car rentals. But what makes their affiliate program stand out? Let’s dive into the details.

Why Momondo UK Affiliate Program?
Momondo is quickly becoming the destination for finding flight deals. With a vast network of over 1,000 airlines, they offer an extensive range of options for travelers. Beyond flights, Momondo provides valuable travel content and guides, making it a go-to resource for wanderlust enthusiasts. Earn up to £0.40 CPA for each user’s click out – one of the highest rates in the industry.

Who Can Join?
The Momondo Affiliate Program is open to a wide range of partners, including:
Travel Bloggers: If you run a travel blog or website, this program is tailor-made for you.
Lifestyle Influencers: Whether you focus on travel, lifestyle, or business, Momondo’s program welcomes you.
Business Websites: Momondo’s offerings appeal to both leisure and corporate travelers.

Commission Structure
1. £0.40 per click out for desktop and tablet
2. £0.30 per click out for mobile

Cookies Duration
Momondo uses a session-based affiliate cookie. This means that your referrals need to take action during the same browsing session for you to receive credit. Cookie length is 30 minutes So, timing matters!

Payment Method
You’ll receive your hard-earned commissions via bank transfer or paypal.

How to Join
Ready to embark on this exciting affiliate journey? Follow these steps:
1. Sign Up: Visit the Momondo affiliate program on platforms like Awin or Webgains.
2. Access Resources: Once approved, explore the partner tools and resources provided. These include deep linking capabilities, a variety of banners, and referral links.
3. Promote Momondo: Integrate Momondo’s offerings into your content. Write compelling articles, create engaging banners, and share your unique affiliate links.

Momondo’s affiliate program combines high commissions, valuable content, and a user-friendly platform. While the session-based cookie requires timely conversions, the overall opportunity is enticing. Whether you’re a travel blogger, influencer, or business owner, monetize your site by joining the Momondo Affiliate Program.

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