Superstar Blogging Affiliate Program

The Superstar Blogging Affiliate Program!

This affiliate program offers an incredible payout structure that will enable you to make hundreds, and possibly thousands, of dollars every month. The process is incredibly simple and will allow you to start building a passive income while you travel the world!


After you sign up, you’ll be given a unique referral code that you can use to promote the program. For every sale you make, you will receive a commission of 30% of the purchase. They pay affiliates at the end of the month for the sales 2 months prior (so there is a 60-day waiting period). That allows them to process all refunds and make sure everything is in order.

For example, January sales will be paid out at the end of March, February sales will be paid out at the end of April, etc.

For example, if someone uses your affiliate link to purchase The Business of Blogging
Course for $99, you’ll be paid $29.70.

If you’re looking to build a passive income stream, the Superstar Blogging Affiliate Program is a great way to help you monetize your blog and start building that income. 

To join to the program or any other details, visit Superstar Blogging Affiliate Program!

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