Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism Awards
Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism Awards

Started in 2014, The ‘Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism’ Awards enhance the visibility of European cultural tourism destinations, create a platform for sharing experience and knowledge and promotes networking between destinations.

The Awards Contest is open to tourist destinations across Europe, to showcase their results and outputs in sustainable cultural tourism under several selected categories each year.

The Awards have been organised since 2014 by European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN) around annual themes, for the benefit of destinations, communities, associations, businesses, citizens and visitors. The following are the winners of the awards.

Winners of Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism Awards By Category - 2022

Cooperation between Museums and Cultural Heritage Sites Category.
1st Prize: The 5 Senses Open-air Museum of Sciacca in Sicil.
Details: The 5 Senses Open-air Museum of Sciacca in Sicily (Italy) is a project aimed at creating a collaborative network engaging local communities and public administrations to make the historic city and its surroundings an unforgettable cultural tourism experience, relying on Sciacca’s uniqueness: people and the “beautiness” of the of the place where they live.
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Medieval Heritage and Archaeology Category
1st Prize: Rauna Medieval Castle – Preservation, Research and Promotion, Latvia.
Details: Rauna medieval castle, built in the 14th century is one of the largest and best-preserved castle ruins not only in the territory of Latvia, but also in the Baltic region,was one of the main residences of the Archbishop of Riga. It is located on a high slope in the center of Rauna, in the Cesis regionand, and has today become an example of good practice in the preservation, research and promotion of medieval cultural heritage. The high-quality and thoughtful conservation of the castle, the archaeological and historical research of the castle, have made it an example of good practice in the management of medieval cultural heritage.
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Digitalisation in Sustainable Cultural Tourism, towards Smart Destinations Category
1st Prize: Winter Island Bornholm, Denmark.
Details: Bornholm is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea, to the east of the rest of Denmark, south of Sweden, northeast of Germany and north of Poland.The island’s rocks retain the summer heat for a long time, and there is plenty of opportunities to experience warm, beautiful sunny days, even if you travel to Bornholm well into autumn. Late summer also offers world-class handicrafts during the Bornholm Craft Weeks, and Bornholm’s Culture Week invites you to 10 days in September with over 200 exciting cultural events.
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Transnational Thematic Tourism Products, including European Cultural Routes Category
Joint 1st Prize: Kvarner Maritime Heritage for Sustainable Tourism in Croatia, Italy and Slovenia and
Development of “Saint Paul’s footsteps European Cultural Route” in Cyprus, Greece and Italy.
Details: Kvarner Maritime Heritage for Sustainable tourism - The main aim of the project is the development of a common tourism product, based on the principles of social and ecological sustainability which, at the same time, valorises, preserves, protects and promotes the rich maritime heritage of the border area present in small-medium cities with local ports.

Details:Saint Paul’s footsteps European Cultural Route This transnational Cultural Route follows Apostle Paul’s missions through Cyprus, Greece and Italy. The Cultural Route aims to honour Saint Paul as the ‘Apostle of the nations’, through his epistles and great intangible heritage in literature, arts, history, philosophy, law, theology and Christianity in Europe, towards regenerating the European ideals, with sustainable cultural tourism development and promotion along the route in several countries, regions, cities, islands, local communities and tourist destination.
Promoting European Heritage to Young Visitors and Traveller Category
Vučedol culture museum
1st Prize: Vučedol Culture Museum.
Details: Vučedol Culture Museum is a unique museum and Archaeological Site dedicated to one prehistoric culture of the 3rd millenia BC. It’s located at Vučedol, near the city of Vukovar, Croatia.Vučedol Culture Museum works on the promotion of common European values, common history and culture through activities that include exhibitions, education of young people as well as the exchange of knowledge and experience with other similar institutions and local community.

Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism Awards - 2014

1st Prize - Way of Saint James’ in Catalonia, Spain.
Details: Is one of the most important Christian pilgrimages, with Santiago de Compostela, Spain, as the final destination. The pilgrimage goes to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain, where tradition has it that the remains of the apostle Saint James are buried. The Way of St. James, extends from different countries of Europe, and even North Africa, However the Routes of Northern Spain and the French Way (Camino Francés) are the popular ones even listed in the World Heritage List by UNESCO.
2nd Price- Limbazi city in Vidzeme region, Latvia
Details: Limbaži is a town in the vidzeme region of northern latvia. Limbaži is located 90 km northeast of the capital riga. The town is famous for Orthodox Church of enlightenment, limbazi city museum, niedraju–pilka bog trail, limbazi medieval castle ruins and panorama tower and sudraba limbazi.
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3rd prize- Cittadella city in Veneto region, Italy
Details: Cittadella is a medieval walled city in the province of Padua, northern Italy. It's situated around 60 kilometres north west of the city of Venice, the regional capital of Veneto. In this town, you can get to experience the authentic rhythm of the Italian lifestyle. You can enjoy a number of seasonal events with the highlight being a large medieval reenactment held each september. The town is famous for annual medieval reenactment, le torri di cittadella, gioielleria zanon dal, cittadella’s Duomo, Tower of Malta, Civic Archaeological Museum, the Siege Museum, and the Torre Belvedere, to name just a few.
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