The Middle East Studies Research Travel Awards
The Middle East Studies Research Travel Awards

The Middle East Studies Research Travel Awards are grants available to both undergraduate and graduate students. These awards are intended to defray some of the costs of transportation for research projects focused on the Middle East. Here are the key details:

  • Funding Amounts:
    • Undergraduate Concentrators: Up to $1,000
    • Graduate Students: Up to $1,500
  • Eligibility and Priority:
    • Priority is given to undergraduate students concentrating in Middle East studies who plan to use the funds towards research for their senior Capstone or Honors Thesis.
  • Application Cycles:
    • Funding is available in two cycles every academic year:
      • Fall Cycle: Application deadline is in November.
      • Spring-Summer Cycle: Application deadline is in April.
  • Research Focus:
    • The travel funding is specifically for the purpose of developing the student’s research project related to the Middle East.
    • It is not intended for attending conferences or language classes unless they directly contribute to the research into the capstone, thesis project, or dissertation.

Previous award recipients have utilized these funds for various purposes, including archival research, archaeological digs, ethnographic fieldwork, and enhancing language skills to read material in its original language.

For more information, you can visit the Center for Middle East Studies’ Research Travel Awards page. The Center for Middle East Studies at Brown University aims to promote knowledge, understanding, and informed discussion about the Middle East, Islam, and Muslim societies through research, teaching, and public engagement.

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