The Rail Tourism Awards


The Awards recognize the most impactful marketing campaigns that promote train travel as a sustainable tourism model across Europe. The objectives of the awards are to:

  • Contribute to the European Green Deal and its goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions and achieve climate neutrality in Europe.
  • Promote rail tourism among Travellers as a clean and healthy form of transportation, as well as an alternative to reduce the carbon footprint of tourism-related transportation.
  • Increase visibility for European destinations and promote sustainable travel experiences, with the aim of building a distinctive image of Europe and increasing awareness of lesser-known destinations. 
  • Encourage cross-sectoral dialogue between the rail and tourism sectors to facilitate future synergies and cooperation towards a more sustainable tourism model.


The Awards are open to National Tourism Organisations (NTOs), Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs), rail organisations, and other entities with significant operations in the tourism sector and based in Europe. Applications from consortia are also welcomed. 

To be considered for the awards, campaigns and/or campaign proposals must contribute to the objectives defined above, with a focus on promoting rail tourism in Europe.


The Awards submissions will be judged based on the following criteria:

Relevance (30%). The nature and experience of the organising entity and the extent to which the campaign is aligned with and contributes to at least one of the objectives of the Awards.

Rail travel at the core of the campaign (30%). The ability to organically and consistently incorporate rail travel experience throughout the campaign, rather than simply highlighting the train as a means of transportation.

Creativity and innovation of the campaign approach (15%). The extent to which the proposal demonstrates an innovative and creative approach. 

Measurable outputs (25%). The campaign’s clear, measurable outcomes, and defined metrics for success, along with evidence of the project’s positive impact.

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Rail Tourism Awards winners - 2022

Campaign: So close with Summer train.
Winner: Slovakia travel.
Details: Slovakia Travel, in partnership with the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic and the national railways (ZSSK), were honoured for their striking ‘So close with Summer trains’ campaign.
Visit Bratislava by Bus: Bratislava by Sightseeing Bus
Top Things to Do In Slovakia.
Campaign: Car Free Style
Winner: VisitWallonia
Details: Belgium tourist board VisitWallonia launched five ‘Car Free Style‘ travel books in collaboration with Hike Up and – two agencies which specialise in sustainable travel development. Each book highlights a different travel route, providing travellers with an impressive itinerary complete with the train lines, maps, accommodation suggestions and a list of nearby tourist attractions
Website: VisitWallonia
Campaign: Excellence Talk
Winner: Swiss Travel System AG.
Details: Travel agents have played a key role in Europe’s rail revival. Swiss Travel System AG, the organisation responsible for marketing Switzerland’s public transport, seized on this insight by creating ‘Excellence Talk’ – a publication aimed at travel agents with the mission of increasing awareness of sustainable travel options.
Top Things to Do In switzerland.
campaign: train
Winner: & Sweet Creatives.
Details: During an election campaign in Sweden, a xenophobic tweet by a Sweden Democrat MP sparked a social media frenzy. In response,, represented by Sweet Creatives agency, posted a counter-tweet promoting inclusivity and cultural exchange through rail travel. The tweet, which quickly went viral, was accompanied by an image celebrating Interrail’s 50th anniversary. This clever response not only generated significant engagement for but also raised awareness of its service. The campaign was lauded for its agility and the inclusive sentiment it conveyed.

Rail Tourism Awards winners - 2021

Campaign: Impact Challenge.
Winner: KILROY.
Details: KILROY, a Nordic travel agency that specializes in tailor making individual travel experiences for young travellers won an award with their Impact Challenge, a slow travel race for the adventurous, curious, and everyday traveller.
Website: KILROY
Top Things to Do In Sweden.
Campaign: We Go by Train (Ideme Vlakom)
Winner: Železnicná spolocnost Slovensko a.s. (ZSSK
Details: Railways of the Slovak Republic, Železnicná spolocnost Slovensko a.s. (ZSSK), were awarded for its campaign entitled We Go by Train (Ideme Vlakom).
Campaign: WunderlineGO app
Winner: Ostfriesland Tourismus GmbH and the Provincie of Groningen.
Details: Ostfriesland Tourismus GmbH and the Provincie of Groningen were awarded for their WunderlineGO app. The innovative app was designed to raise awareness of the Wunderline, an improved train connection between the Northern Netherlands and Northern Germany.
Top Things to Do In switzerland.
campaign: eco wanderer
Winner: Europe’s Famous Hostels
Details: The innovative campaign by Europe’s Famous Hostels (an association of independent hostels across Europe and Israel) is a loyalty program and reward system based on a CO2 emissions saving calculator which converts savings from rail users into points redeemable at the association’s hostels across Europe.
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