Agrotourism, Heritage Tours and Backward linkages (examples from Myanmar)
agrotourism, heritage


This Couse consists of three modules: Agritourism, Heritage Tourism and Backward Linkage between Hospitality and Farmers

  1. Agritourism: This module explores the intersection of tourism and agriculture. It encourages tourists to visit farms, participate in farming activities, sample local produce, and interact with farmers and their families. The course aims to help tour operators, farmers, and guides understand how agritourism can be a viable model for them.

  2. Heritage Tourism: This module is designed for those who are passionate about historical buildings, local history, and authentic local food. It helps participants appreciate their rich heritage and equips them to share this heritage professionally during tours. The primary target group for this course is guides.

  3. Backward Linkages between Hospitality and Farmers: This module explores the potential connections between farmers and the hospitality sector. It emphasizes the importance of good food for hotels and restaurants and the role it plays in their reputation. The course guides participants on how to manage food sustainably, which includes sourcing local produce, supporting local farmers, and establishing a reliable food supply. The main target group for this module is owners and managers of hotels, restaurants, and event managers.


After having completed this course, participants will be able to:

Agritourism: Identify successful agritourism’s components and characteristics and review best practice in agritourism.
Cultural heritage: Identify what distinguishes a heritage guide from a normal guide, determine the skills, which are needed as a heritage guide and apply the knowledge about how to design an inspiring and diverse tour.
Backward Linkages: Identify what is required in order to engage more local farmers into your local tourism supply linkage and to gain an insight how to set up business linkages between farmers and hotels including how to manage partnerships.


Participants who meet the course requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion issued in electronic format.


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