Guest Service in Hospitality and Tourism
Guest Service in Hospitality and Tourism


Guest service is one of the most crucial skills in the hospitality industry. How your team serves their customers will determine whether they return for another visit or warn their friends to avoid your place in the future. EdApp’s Guest Service in Hospitality and Tourism will walk your team through the critical components of excellent guest service and why it’s crucial not only for business but also for their career. It will also show them the ropes of greeting a guest in a hotel or restaurant and how good social skills will help secure a great and lasting first impression. The last part of this customer service course will focus on the most common customer complaints in this industry alongside tips on how to deal with them. 

EdApp’s seamless integration with the scheduling system Deputy can help you deliver and allocate this training straight to your team’s smartphones. You can even set courses as prerequisites before your crew can be scheduled for shifts. Through this automated training delivery, you’ll spend less time creating and managing your training and focus on more important tasks.


By the end of this course the learner will be able to:

  • Understanding the Importance of Guest Service: Learners will comprehend why guest service is vital for both the success of the business and their personal career development.

  • Mastering Guest Greetings: The course will teach the best practices for greeting guests in hotels or restaurants, ensuring a positive and lasting first impression.

  • Developing Social Skills: Participants will enhance their social skills, which are essential for providing excellent guest service.

  • Handling Customer Complaints: The course will address common customer complaints in the hospitality industry and provide strategies for effectively managing them


Upon completion of your free online course, you will have the opportunity to request the certificate.

A certificate confirming the successful completion of your course could be just the thing to boost your CV, giving you an edge over rival candidates. 


  1. Customer Service Skills
  2. Greeting Guests
  3. Responding to Complaints
  4. Sources


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    Online Learning

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    5-10 minutes per lesson, 4 lessons

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    There are no particular entry requirements

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