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My 1Health Partner Program


My 1Health is not directly related to tourism, but there is an aspect of tourism called medical tourism, which involves individuals traveling to another country to receive medical treatment or undergo procedures. These treatments can range from routine check-ups and elective surgeries to specialized medical care not readily available in their home country. The allure of medical tourism lies in its potential cost savings, access to high-quality healthcare facilities, and the opportunity to combine medical needs with leisure travel. Therefore, a travel agent, blogger, or tour operator can promote destinations or health facilities that provide health care to patients coming from various parts of the world.

Having said that, My 1Health is a leading platform in the healthcare industry, connecting patients to the best healthcare worldwide. The My 1Health Partner Program is an excellent opportunity for individuals and organizations who are passionate about healthcare and assisting patients. 

Why Join My 1Health Partner Program?

Joining the My 1Health Partner Program allows you to become a bridge between people seeking the best healthcare worldwide and the hospitals and providers ready to offer it. As a My 1Health Partner, you can connect patients with the top medical facilities and specialists around the globe, empower patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare, and earn generous rewards for every successful referral. Whether you are a travel agent, influencer, blogger, community leader, or someone passionate about healthcare, you can make a difference in people’s lives.


As a My 1Health Partner, you can earn industry-leading commissions on successful patient referrals. This provides a sustainable growth opportunity for your business.

Cookies Duration

The details about the cookie duration for the My 1Health Partner Program are not explicitly mentioned in their website. It is recommended to check the program’s terms and conditions or reach out to their support for this information.

Payment Method

The specific payment methods for the My 1Health Partner Program are not explicitly mentioned in their site. However, most affiliate programs offer payment options such as direct deposit, PayPal, or check.

 How to Join

To join and learn more about the My 1Health Partner Program, follow the link below: 

 Join Our Referral Partner Program | My 1Health



In conclusion, the My 1Health Partner Program offers a fantastic opportunity for those passionate about healthcare to make a difference in people’s lives while earning generous rewards. With access to a network of top medical facilities and specialists around the globe, dedicated support, and a competitive commission structure, it’s an excellent program for anyone looking to improve global healthcare access.

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